Introducing the card

Introducing the MAX VISA® Reloadable Card

Easy to Use - The MAX Visa Reloadable Card is a prepaid card that offers you a better, safer, alternative to carrying cash and writing checks. It can be used everywhere that Visa is accepted and works like a debit card that you can use to purchase items online, in store, over the phone, and by mail order. Purchase the MAX Visa Reloadable Card for only $4.99, and load the card with as little as $25 or as much as $3,000. The maximum balance allowed on the card is $3,000.

Flexibility - Reload the card at any MAX branch, or anytime of day, by phone or online at All you need is the debit or credit card that you used to register for the reloadable card.

The MAX Visa Reloadable Card makes it easy for you to manage your finances without the hassle of carrying around a checkbook or cash. The card is great for parents with college students. Parents can provide their students with the necessary funds for school and still have some control over their student's budget. Don't forget to use the card for vacations so that you stick to a budget, don't have to carry cash, and avoid the cost of converting currency at exchange bureaus.

Security - Unlike cash, your MAX Visa Reloadable Card can be replaced if lost or stolen, and is protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy.

See Terms & Conditions for details before using the card and for applicable fees and available services.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about the MAX Visa Reloadable Card.


Whether you're out for a night-on-the-town or managing monthly finances, you can use our Prepaid Card for purchases at millions of locations where Visa or Interlink debit cards are accepted. You benefit from favorable exchange rates and the convenience of accessing your funds 24 hours a day in local currency at any Visa/PLUS ATM worldwide.


You can reload your Prepaid Card by phone or online using the funding accounts that you registered on the website, virtually anytime, anywhere. Your local branch is also happy to reload your card.


Unlike cash, your Prepaid Card can be replaced if lost or stolen, and is protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy.